Transitioning a business is a major life decision, and the process requires careful contemplation and a partner aligned with your future plans.

The personal attachment a founder and their family has with his or her business is what makes selling that business such a trying task. This decision will mark a starting point to a new phase of your life, and as such it requires deep contemplation and a partner aligned with your future plans. Accretive Value Group understands this and works closely with you to make sure that your personal and professional needs will be met during, throughout, and after the transition period.

Our ValueS

We believe that success is the result of hard work, meaningful relationships, and a solid reputation. By keeping these core principles in focus, we are able to quickly deliver a positive result that ensures your interests are considered and met.

trust and transparency

Building trust and transparency between Accretive Value Group and the business ownership group is our first priority. In order to yield positive outcomes, we commit ourselves to the organization and build  a healthy relationship while establishing  trust through our actions. We will ensure clear, constant, and transparent communication throughout the transition.

People And Culture

Without people, businesses and innovations can never exist. By getting to know your people and working closely with them, we will lay the foundation for the next phase of the business. Our goal is to know you, your business, and your people to ensure total philosophical alignment. This will enable us to preserve the existing corporate structures and maintain the ongoing culture of your business.

Long-Term Approach

Our decisions are geared towards maximizing the long-term success of the company we work with. We believe that decision-making and strategies focused on short-term outcomes inhibit long-term value. Therefore, we apply a model of patient capital to focus on the best choices for sustained growth rather than focus on only near-term results. The creation of long-term value is both an art and a science. That is why we strive to create value through solid business execution, continuous improvement, and performance measurements while remaining focused on other key value drivers.

Accretive Value Group believes that success can only be achieved through hard work and deliberately planned performance. We are searching for an entrepreneur who shares this belief and wants continued success for their organization via  long-term strategic initiatives and operational excellence.